Custom-Built Websites

If you’re interested in working with an experienced book marketer to build a site tailored to your needs, then this might be your best option. I’ll work closely with you to assess your overall website goals, then build your site according to that vision. My sites are easy to update, and I’ll teach you how to do it yourself. Or, if you’d rather I make your updates for you, I have a plan for that as well.


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My Process

My website design process is very collaborative, and based on my experience launching and promoting books for authors. From start to finish, we’ll integrate your overall strategy into the design and construction of your site.

1. Exploring your vision

The first and foundational step in building your website is having an exploratory session where we’ll talk about your platform goals, your messaging, your aesthetic, and more.

2. Mapping the Site

Once we’ve had our “mind meld,” I’ll mock up a simple website map that we can go over together and tweak so it best represents your vision.

3. Building the Foundation

With our map in hand, it’s time to start building the site. I’ll put together a rough draft of the website with all the bells and whistles so you can get a direct experience of the final product before it’s live.

4. Review and Improve

Once you’ve had a chance to explore the live draft of the site, we’ll have a feedback session where you can direct me to make any changes you want. This can often take multiple rounds until we get it just right.

5. Publish and Polish

Once I’ve made all the changes needed, it’s time to make the site live! Publishing the website sometimes reveals new issues, so I’ll run a full test and do any final polishing that’s needed.

6. Handing You the Keys

My sites are easy to update, even for the novice user. Now that it’s completed, I’ll teach you how to make updates yourself moving forward.

Author Website Features

Our author websites are based on years of experience launching and promoting books. They include what we've found to be the most essential and effective elements for authors.

Both levels of website service are designed with the following elements:
Email Opt-Ins

email pop-upOne of the best ways to grow the audience for your work is to grow an email list. My sites include beautiful email sign-up forms that will encourage your website visitors to become subscribers, without being too spammy. 

Optimized Sales Pages

book pageWhen you launch your book, it's important to have a compelling landing page that tells potential buyers about you and your book. My template uses best practices for online sales and marketing, and includes buttons to buy your book, a place for book testimonials, and a visually appealing format.

Writing Copy

Copy writingIf you opt for my custom website services, I'll help you craft web copy that presents you and your book in a compelling way that represents the core ideas of your work. 


DIY Image_LaptopMy author sites are built on a platform that is intuitive and easy to update for even the most novice web user. I'll teach you how to use it so you won't be dependent on me or anyone else to make changes to your site in the future!

Custom Features

Are you looking for a website feature that's not part of my template? I can find a solution for any specific need you have. Just let me know and I'll add it to the site!

Press/Media Pages

MediaGetting media exposure is an important part of launching and promoting your book. My author sites include a simple template for displaying all your media appearances, and helping you get more interviews. 


blogIf you want to build an audience for your book(s), it's important to get your voice "out there" through a consistent blogging presence. My sites include a variety of blogging options to make it easy for you to publish your latest thoughts and share them with the world. 


ResponsiveThese days, the majority of people visiting your website will be doing so on a mobile device, so it's imperative that your site be "responsive" to all devices. My author sites are built on a platform that automatically adapts to any device . . . no matter how small. 

Social Media Integration

social-iconsSocial media is all the rage right now and makes up an important part of any campaign to spread the word about your book. My sites come fitted with all the social media integration you'll need to make sure that your visitors can easily share, like, and talk about your book across all social media platforms. 

New Features

Evolution LaptopThe landscape of book marketing and online platform-building is constantly changing, and I'm always discovering new features for my author websites. You'll have the benefit of learning with me and getting updates about the latest developments to my author website template, even after we're done working together.


Custom Design


A customized, fully functional website, from soup to nuts.



As your book launch evolves, there will be a lot of updates to make to your site (media appearances, events, pictures, etc). My sites make it easy for you to update yourself, but if you’re too busy, I can do them for you.



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Joel Pitney is an incredibly gifted web designer. As a first time author about to embark on a book launch campaign, I realized reaching the public via a web presence was a key to success.  After an arduous process of studying various websites, I decided to put my project in the hands of Joel. He artistically crafted an engaging and charismatic experience for the viewer. I highly recommend his web design services to one and all.

Adele Paula Royce

Author of The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes

I am so pleased with the site that Joel developed for Neighbor2Neighbor. He took the time to understand our organization first. Then he combined our goals with his expertise, and the end result is an interactive and informative site that will be an essential part of communicating with our participants and our community. Exceptional work.

Mahlon K. Stewart

President, Neighbor2Neighbor in Greenwich Village, Inc

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