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In today’s book marketplace, your online presence as an author is more important than ever. And your website is at the center of your online strategy. It’s often the first place people will go to learn about you and your book. So creating a site that communicates the message and image you want to present to the world is crucial to your success.


My author websites are beautiful, affordable, easy-to-use, and integrate all the best practices in online book marketing.

Author Website Features

My author websites are based on years of experience launching and promoting books, and include the most essential and effective elements for authors.
Home Page

Visitors get a taste of every page on the site when they scroll through your homepage. A snippet about the book and a view of the cover, a few sentences about you, the author, and links to your featured blog posts and media appearances. We will work with you to match your aesthetic so the look and feel of the site fits your personality and your book’s branding and genre.

After we build your site, you’ll be able to update it later, without relying on us or other designers: 

  • Newest Blog Posts Will Automatically Update On The Home Page
  • Newest Media Appearances Will Appear, And Older Ones Will Drop Off The Home Page
  • If You Publish A New Book, Just Swap Out the Cover Art And The Blurb Copy–Easily!
About Page

It’s important to have an About page that tells readers about you and your background. With years of book marketing experience, we can help you craft a bio to present on the About page that fits your needs and works for your audience. 

Press/Media Pages

Getting media exposure is an important part of launching and promoting your book. My author sites include a Media Page for displaying all your media appearances, and helping you get more interviews.

We build it for you, and we’ll add in all your current media appearances for you. After it’s built, you can easily update yourself, so new interviews and reviews are live on your site in just minutes:

  • Quickly Duplicate Pre-Designed Modules: We will create a sample media item, so when you’re ready to do it all on your own, all you have to do is swap out the text and the link
  • Select Which Media You Want FEATURED On Your Homepage
Book Page(s)

Optimized Sales Page For Your Book

When you launch your book, it’s important to have a compelling landing page that tells potential buyers about you and your book. My websites follow best practices for online sales and marketing, and include buttons so visitors can buy your book, a place for book testimonials, and a visually appealing format.


DIY Image_LaptopMy author websites are built on a platform that is intuitive. It’s easy to create and update for novice web users. I’ll teach you how to use it, so you won’t be dependent on me or anyone else to make changes to your site in the future!

Custom Features

Are you looking for a website feature you don’t see here? I can find a solution for any specific need you have. Just let me know and I’ll add it to your site!


If you want to build an audience for your book, it’s important to get your voice “out there” through a consistent blogging presence. My sites include a variety of blogging options to make it easy for you to publish your latest thoughts and share them with the world.

I’ll build your blog for you, and help you get started by posting a few to the site so it isn’t blank when you go live. Then, I’ll teach you how to keep it updated as you write new blogs! It’s very easy, and I’ll create a template to help you do it with the push of a button:

  • Replace sample blog text with your new blog copy
  • Swap in your new picture
  • Decide what category and whether you want to feature it on your homepage
Event Calendar

Some authors schedule events when their book is published, and others provide services related to their books, like coaching or teaching workshops.

Our sites offer an event calendar function that allows you to list all your book events, workshops, or speaking gigs on your website. I’ll get you started by listing any events you have scheduled.

Once the site is finished, the event calendar is easy to update yourself, and I will teach you how!

Social Media Integration

social-iconsSocial media is an important part of any campaign to spread the word about your book. My author websites link up to all your social media platforms. This will help your site visitors easily share, like, and talk about your book across all social media platforms.

Email Opt-Ins

email pop-upOne of the best ways to grow the audience for your work is to grow an email list. My sites include beautiful email sign-up forms that will encourage your website visitors to become subscribers, without being too spammy.


ResponsiveThese days, the majority of people visiting your website will be doing so on a mobile device, so it’s imperative that your site be “responsive” to all devices. My author websites are built on a platform that automatically adapts to any device . . . no matter how small.

Writing Copy

Copy writingWhen you decide to use my custom website services, I help you craft web copy that presents you and your book in a compelling way that represents the core ideas of your work.

The website that Joel built for me is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and continues to work with very little tweaking. Most importantly he made it possible for me to add content and write regular blogposts without outside help. For a non-techie, this was a huge gift. Great work!

Linda K. Jacobs

Author of Strangers in the West, Kalimah Press

As a first time author about to embark on a book launch campaign, I realized reaching the public via a web presence was a key to success.  After an arduous process of studying various websites, I decided to put my project in the hands of Joel. He artistically crafted an engaging and charismatic experience for the viewer. I highly recommend his web design services to one and all.

Adele Paula Royce

Author of The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes

Affordable and Easy to Update Yourself

In my work with authors, I’ve learned a couple of things about their website needs. First, most don’t have the budget to spend on a high-end designer, but still need something that looks great and is up-to-do date with online best practices. Second, most authors want a site they can easily update themselves instead of relying on web designers for costly future updates.


My author sites are cost-competitive and use an elegant template that allows even the least tech-savvy author to update their own site into the future.


My editor recommended Joel, and he began the creation of my new website with the focus on my book to come. I have been cared for, guided and instructed all the way. I am enjoying this collaboration immensely. Joel is a relational person in partnership with me as a client every step on this journey. I highly recommend his company.

Ginny Nadler

Author, Spiritual Anatomy

For only $1950, you get:

  • Introductory session with me to discuss all your needs
  • All the features and services listed above
  • Ample opportunities to provide feedback and make modifications before we go live!

Designed Specifically for Authors

Working with Joel was so easy. Timely, professional, and creative, he did a wonderful job of putting together a site that accurately reflected me and my mission. I could not have been more pleased.

Gary Roe

Bestselling Author and Grief Specialist, Hospice Brazos Valley

While there are many web designers out there, very few are attuned to the specific needs of authors. In helping many authors launch and promote their books to the world, I’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and what an author uniquely needs in a website.

Here are just a few examples of websites for my author clients.

Contact Me

My name is Joel Pitney. I’m a New York City-based writer, filmmaker, and book launch specialist. What is a book launch specialist? Simply put, I help authors with all aspects of getting their book out into the world, from cover design, to social media strategy, to marketing campaigns, and building websites. I learned to build websites in order to meet the specific needs of my author clients, and over the years I have developed a simple, effective, easy-to-use template for authors to spread the word about their work.

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