Beautiful Author Websites

Designed For You

and Your Book(s)

Beautiful Author Websites

Designed For You

and Your Book(s)

Your book is done.

Now you need an author website.

In today’s book marketplace, your online presence as an author is more important than ever. And your website is at the center of your online strategy. It’s often the first place people will go to learn about you and your book. So creating a site that communicates the message and image you want to present to the world is crucial to your success.


My author websites are beautiful, affordable, easy-to-use, and integrate all the best practices in online book marketing.

Websites Designed Specifically for Authors

While there are many web designers out there, few are attuned to the specific needs of authors. While helping many authors launch and promote their books to the world, I’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and what an author uniquely needs in a website.

I’ve developed a customizable template based on my book launch experience.

Author Websites That are Affordable and Easy-to-Update

In my work with authors, I’ve learned a couple of things about their website needs. First, most don’t have the budget to spend on a high-end designer, but still need something that looks great and is up-to-do date with online best practices. Second, most authors want a site they can easily update themselves instead of relying on web designers for costly future updates.


My author sites are cost-competitive and use an elegant template that allows even the least tech-savvy author to update their own site into the future.

In no time at all, Joel created a professional, colorful and classy website. As my goals and interests have evolved, Joel has conscientiously expanded and updated my website to reflect these changes, always seeking to improve each page. He is a pleasure to work with and indispensable to authors like me who who are allergic to technology projects.

Marguerite Elisofon

Author of My Picture Perfect Family

The website that Joel built for me is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and continues to work with very little tweaking. Most importantly he made it possible for me to add content and write regular blogposts without outside help. For a non-techie, this was a huge gift. Great work!

Linda K. Jacobs

Author of Strangers in the West, Kalimah Press

My Author Website Services

There are two different ways to use my author sites. I can either build
one for you, or you can buy my template and build it yourself.

Custom Built Sites

Based on my experience building author websites, I will design and build a site that is tailored to your specific personality, profile, book, and platform goals.

Purchase my author website template, which includes all the features from all my client sites, and build the site yourself. I’ll even teach you how to use it.

Joel Pitney is an incredibly gifted web designer. As a first time author about to embark on a book launch campaign, I realized reaching the public via a web presence was a key to success.  After an arduous process of studying various websites, I decided to put my project in the hands of Joel. He artistically crafted an engaging and charismatic experience for the viewer. I highly recommend his web design services to one and all.

Adele Paula Royce

Author of The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes

I am so pleased with the site that Joel developed for Neighbor2Neighbor. He took the time to understand our organization first. Then he combined our goals with his expertise, and the end result is an interactive and informative site that will be an essential part of communicating with our participants and our community. Exceptional work.

Mahlon K. Stewart

President, Neighbor2Neighbor in Greenwich Village, Inc

About Me

My name is Joel Pitney. I’m a New York City-based writer, filmmaker, and book launch specialist. What is a book launch specialist? Simply put, I help authors with all aspects of getting their book out into the world, from cover design, to social media strategy, to marketing campaigns, and building websites. I learned to build websites in order to meet the specific needs of my author clients, and over the years I have developed a simple, effective, easy-to-use template for authors to spread the word about their work.


If you want to learn more about my other book launch services, click here.

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