The highlight of this week’s collection of Top 5 Articles for Authors is the awesome 48+ list of publishing resources put together by Bookbub–this is a gem for any author ready to embark on the publishing journey!


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From editing services to website tools to book distribution channels, this list of 48+ publishing tools for authors is a valuable place to start on your journey to getting your book out there into the hands of your potential readers!

Insecure? Why Your Website Needs A Boost

You may have seen the little “i” with a circle around it appearing in front of your website’s URL. Why? Because Google has flagged it as not having a security certificate. And here’s why that matters.

What’s In A Name?

Here is GREAT guidance for any author wondering how to name your website.

Marketing Is A Long Game: Get Empowered

Kathleen Gage of Power Up for Profits has observed that 38% of authors cite lack of knowledge as the reason they avoid marketing their book! Don’t let that stop you. She gives some great advice here to help you get onto the path to making your book a success! It’s a long game, and the sooner you start, the closer you’ll be to calling yourself a best-selling author.

Facebook Is Your Friend

We help authors find their “tribe” and build their audience using Facebook. For some fantastic DIY advice, check out Nonfiction Authors Association‘s article with 13 tips to get you started!

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