It’s that time again! Here is Episode 2 of our collection of Top 5 Articles for Authors from around the web. Let us know if you find this assortment of perspectives, insights, and strategies for building your author platform to be valuable on your journey to selling more books! If you have contributions of your own to make, please email us at

Getting Those Reviews -- Early!

ARC = Advanced Review Copy. Sending these out to get reviews before your book has hit the presses is important, to say the least. When we work with our authors, managing the process of getting reviews begins even before we have galleys in hand. Great guidance here for any author seeking reviews!

How To Get Readers’ Attention

You’ve certainly heard of GoodReads… many of our author clients ask us whether or not to use them for advertising. We say yes–even running a giveaway campaign can be an excellent choice for some authors to gain exposure.

Don’t Be Afraid!

Hearing that you need to “build your platform” can strike terror in the hearts of authors. Do not allow this to deter you on the path towards selling your book! You’ve worked so hard on it, now is not the time to stop.

Publicity Is Your Second Job

Writing your book is where it all begins. But that’s not the end of the journey! Finding your readers is the second half of the job, and it can be daunting for authors. We work with many authors who use Ingramspark to self-publish and their 10 publicity-garnering tips are right on the mark!

Self-Publishing 101

Jane Friedman offers an in-depth look at the many facets of self-publishing.

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