Welcome to the first installment of our weekly Top 5 Articles for Authors from around the web. Below you’ll find a wide assortment of valuable perspectives, insights, and strategies for building your author platform and selling more books! If you have contributions of your own to make, please email us at laura@launchmybook.com.

Looking for a Book Publisher?

First, you need to sell your idea, and having a following and some buzz about you and your idea will capture the attention you’re looking for. Publishers want to know that you’ve got an audience who will buy your book! Show them that you do by taking these steps long before your book is out. And if you want help, get in touch! We help authors build their platform.

Social Media Advice

This is an excellent advice piece for authors about using social media to sell books. We’ve found the same to be true in our work helping authors develop their social media presence.

How to Talk to Your Readers, Not Spam Them

Rachel Thompson holds no punches and doesn’t hide her feelings about authors who are lazy and unintentional in their book marketing efforts — and we completely agree with her perspective here. Selling books takes work (that’s why we are here to help); spamming readers doesn’t work and Rachel gives fantastic advice and guidance here.

Promoting Yourself

Are you an author doing your own PR? Check out this article for tips on putting together a compelling Q&A (with yourself) so readers can learn more about you and inspire them to buy your book!

Making Your Books Accessible

Authors want readers to be able to read their books–that’s the idea, anyway! Yet many people have disabilities that make reading difficult, if not impossible. Thanks to technology, authors can make their books accessible to a broader audience if they apply a few of Laura Brady’s principles to their eBooks.

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